What is bamboo?

bamboo is a simple and free business management platform that bundles scheduling, payments, communication, and streaming distribution.

What does bamboo cost?

There are no monthly commitments, start-up costs, or hidden fees to use the platform. There is a 5% platform fee and credit card fee added to the price of every non-free activity.

Who can use bamboo?

bamboo is for any independent service provider i.e. freelancers, side hustlers, or small-business owners. From fitness classes to tutoring sessions, our platform can help your business grow.

How do I get started with bamboo?

Create an account with bamboo today to get started! Make sure you enable "Do you want to create a Professional Account?" during the account creation process. And, you can always create a Professional Account later by enabling your pro features in your user profile.

Is bamboo only for virtual activities?

No! bamboo can be used to schedule both virtual and in-person activities.

what activities can be hosted on bamboo?

You have full control over your scheduled activities. You choose how much each activity costs and how many people can attend.

How do I manage clients in bamboo?

bamboo gives you the ability to manage an account for a client. This will give you access to add your clients to activities and specify the price to charge - including comping the activity for the client.

How do I add a new client in bamboo?

If a user wants to become a client of a given professional, the user can go to the profile page and click the option to “Become a Client”. This will give you access to add them to activities and charge their credit card on file.

When I refund a user, why doesn’t it refund the credit card processing fees?

Unfortunately, there are fees charged by credit card companies that cannot be refunded, so the bamboo payment processor does not refund their processing fees. You can always offer to hold on to the registration fee and provide a comped class for your user or client in the future.

How long until I receive my first payout?

Payment processing will take about 1-2 weeks to deposit your first payout from bamboo.  All subsequent payouts process weekly.

What is bamboo's support availability?

bamboo support is available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm EST. You can expect to receive a response from someone on our team within 24 hours of your support submission via our knowledgebase, this website, or by emailing support@letsbamboo.com.

What is bamboo's Cookie Policy?

You can read more about our Cookie Policy here.


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