• Dan Heinrich

How to best set up your audio for Zoom and streaming

Whether we like it or not, Zoom and streaming are here to stay. We’re now living in a digital streaming world, and even for those of us who aren’t considered “tech-savvy”, there’s a real need to excel at providing a professional experience - even over Zoom! Thankfully, there are a few quick things anyone can do to up their streaming game and create a professional experience with your audio.


There are multiple ways to share audio with your clients, but one way rules supreme. Streaming services n

ow provide options to “Share Computer Audio”, meaning that the audio from your computer (Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, etc.) will play directly into your meeting. Rather than trying to play music from one device and hope that your microphone picks it up, using a streaming service’s ability to directly share audio is the best way to include music as a part of your professional experience.


In addition to sharing music from your computer, getting headphones is another way to level up your online presence and the quality of your classes. Built-in computer microphones are a thing of the past - we’ve all experienced what happens when external noises such as computer fans, other conversations, or outside noises interrupt what’s happening in a session. Any pair of headphones will

do, though Bluetooth and wireless can make the experience a lot more seamless for most. Headphones will add another level of professionalism to your virtual classes, and make sure that your clients will hear every word you say! Just make sure those batteries are charged before class starts :)


In any group class setting, little noises here and there can interrupt what may otherwise be a seamless experience. In one-on-one sessions, muting can even be helpful when you’re in a noisy environment, and you can simply unmute whenever it’s your (or your clients’) time to speak. The default for all clients should be on mute to let you shine and do what you do best - host the class!

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