• Dan Heinrich

How much to charge for your services

Finding the right price to charge for your one-on-one session or group event can be tricky. There’s a lot to evaluate in terms of your own experience, the competitive landscape, relationships with clients, services provided, and more. That being said, there are a few things you can do to land on the right price point for you when thinking about your business.


What are others charging for similar services? Some quick Google searches should get you a general range of pricing for in-person, virtual, one-on-one, and group sessions. If you’re new to the game, it can’t hurt to start with a slightly lower price to build up your client base. The early clients you secure will want to stay at their lower price points, but they will also grow with you as you refine your craft and pricing model. If you start with a price point too high compared to other available service providers, clients who are price sensitive will go to the more accessible and cheaper providers. Do your research, find the prices that feel right for you, and test the market! Remember, everyone starts somewhere.


So you’ve done your research and settled on a price point that feels right for you. This stems a bit into imposter syndrome - is the price right? Will someone actually pay me this amount for a session? Early in your career, prices generally skew on the lower end of things. Seasoned professionals have the client base, Klout, and toolset to charge a bit more. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, you want to value yourself and your time appropriately. And keep in mind, if you are charging a higher price point, the expectations will be that much higher. If your clients are doctors, lawyers, or of other high-paying professions, the level of professionalism they expect needs to match or exceed what they display themselves. Have you valued your time and skills appropriately? Wherever you land on your pricing, make sure it feels right and you’re enjoying your work too.


Think of your pricing from both sides - what do you need in order to make a living? And what financial ask am I expecting of my clients? Again, so many different ways to go about this depending on your skillset and angle. Do you want to focus on a few clients but charge them a high price point? Or do you host only group classes and keep the price point low for many clients? If you want to retain your clients, put yourself in their shoes and make sure they can handle whatever financial commitment you’re sending their way. Be flexible to different client needs and different situations (but not too flexible!). And ultimately before you set your pricing options, map out what you want this to look like with your private and group sessions, how many clients “feels” right, and then go get it!

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