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Grow your client list, expand your service offerings, and build your business with bamboo!

Virtual services are here to stay, but there comes a point where every host becomes stagnant with their client list and service offerings.

Thankfully, there are a few things every one of us can do right now to grow your client list, expand your service offerings, and take your business to the next level!


Who doesn't want more clients?! Here are some tried and true methods to expanding your client list to help you grow your business.

Promotions work

Advertising is great, but unless you've really honed in on your preferred method (ex: Instagram, Google Ads, promoted content) and have the capital to do so, this can be tough. Instead, how about offering current clients a discount if they recruit someone new for your event? Or what about a first-event-free policy? Maybe a college student discount or one free intro-level event a month? Think about your target audience and then what might be the best way to convert them via promotions.

Make it simple

Provide an easy experience for your clients through your website or socials linked to a platform that does everything you need to schedule and promote your services. Link Trees are a great way to do this too if you have ongoing partnerships and is another way to look professional! bamboo does a great job at this :)

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate

Whether collaborating with other industry professionals, brands, organizations, collaborating with others helps you expand your reach and puts you in front of new eyes.


You are a brand

When thinking about your profile, what are you trying to say and how are you coming across? Put yourself in your clients' shoes as you read through your own profile. Who are you? Why should I take your event? If I knew nothing about you, what are my takeaways from reading through your content? This is much easier said than done, and you need to be precise about what you're saying, and how you're saying it.

Repeatable experience

How far in advance are your events scheduled? What does it signal if I look at your profile and only see events for the next week? If a client is going to invest their time and energy into you, they want to make sure you're reputable, responsible, and ready to invest back in them. Set up your regular, weekly schedules for at least three months in advance at all times - even if you later have to make changes - so your clients know what to expect and can count on you!

The client pathway

Virtual services are now comprised of many different types of offerings, and you need to think about what's the client pathway for your business? Group events are a great way to onboard new clients, especially with applying promotions and discounts to get new people in so they can try out your service. Once a client has bought into your service and continues to come back, they are looking for a deal! Packages are the next logical step where they can buy a package of sessions with you, generally at some kind of discount. You get the money upfront, they get a bit of a discount - it's a win-win. And lastly, as you've now onboarded and locked in clients with your events and package, subscriptions and appointment bookings are your next step. These are for your loyal supporters who look to you as their service provider. You can set up subscriptions either for weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly access to you and your services. And this works hand-in-hand with appointment bookings, which is the ultimate goal for you to host private sessions with your clients (and also the most lucrative!). Lay out your unique client pathway and make sure each step is set up for success.


Time to execute

Once you've critically thought about your presence and your unique offering, make it happen! Set up your schedule for months in advance, build your package and subscription options, provide coupon codes for discount opportunities, and make sure you're availability is set for your appointment bookings - even if it's just for new client inquiries!

Refresh your branding

Remember to lean on bamboo whenever you have graphic design needs! We're here for you to help you present yourself professionally and take your business to the next level.

Schedule a success call

The bamboo support team is here for you to talk through your unique business needs and challenges. Schedule a call with us today!

When in doubt, lean on your training, grind it out, and believe in yourself. You can do this and bamboo can help!

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